About Us

Maizoflakes India has quickly risen to one of the top ranking organizations in cornflakes manufacturing industry. This is possible only because of our single minded focus on quality, hard working team and dedication towards maintaining long-lasting client relationships.

Our motto is ‘Quality is Priority‘. We believe in producing the highest quality of cornflakes and fall nothing short of excellence. The attention on quality starts right from sourcing maize grains that serve as raw material. We have appointed special suppliers who assure us of the quality of maize grains. They are free from Alfatoxin, a naturally occuring mycotoxin that is produced by a species of Fungi.

 We use the latest technology to process the maize grains that further results in high quality produce. Regular maintenance ensures our factory runs smooth round the year, resulting in never ending supply of cornflakes. We have a team of highly skilled workers who are committed to our goals.

The final pillar in our team, the marketing executives are well-trained in developing customer relationships. We believe that our customers are the key players in our success and that their progress will ultimately result into our progress. Because of this, Maizoflakes India has become one of the most reputed and trustworthy organizations to work with.